Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Due to the generosity of my bishop, I was able to attend the Youth Rally at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers NY during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the USA. This is one small part of a series of posts about my experience. Please check back for more updates.

Depending on the day the way I finish the sentence, "If I wasn't going to be a priest I would be a..." varies greatly. Well, Saturday April 19, 2008 the answer was, "If I wasn't going to be a priest I'd be a secret service agent." These guys are awesome.

The security at the event was quite impressive. First, the nice little neighborhood in Yonkers where St. Joseph's seminary rests has never seen so many police officers/security guards. My pictures are lacking in their ability to really show how many police were on hand, but here is one: We were all searched pretty closely as we walked in. Inside the venue, the Secret Service was everywhere and there were many more officers. There were also a few of these guys scattered about: Those are snipers. I never did see a sniper rifle (which was good because that would have been a little unbecoming of the nature of the event) but they did have some huge binoculars and were watching every helicopter that cruised by. Oh, and speaking of helicopters, the police were up there as well. Although I never actually saw them, I'm guessing that there was a mess of security guards/secret service agents in the woods surrounding the venue as well.

The point of this is just to show how safe the Pontiff (and the hope of the Church of America as we were all called) were totally safe this evening.

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