Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Due to the generosity of my bishop, I was able to attend the Youth Rally at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers NY during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the USA. This is one small part of a series of posts about my experience. Please check back for more updates.

What a day. I had no time to post, so I apologize. Tomorrow I'm going to write the post on "The Main Event," if you will and hopefully have it up in the evening sometime. After that, for the next week I'll be putting more small posts up about other musical acts and some stuff that we did in NY on Sunday.

But for now, I want to post a little commercial of sorts about a good Italian restaurant ran by some wonderful people. I recommend it for anyone staying in White Plains or Elmsford New York, or anyone who is staying in the city and wants to get out of it for a little while. From NY, just head over to Grand Central Station and take the Harlem Line (Metro North) up to White Plains. Its about a 35 minute ride. Then just take a cab over to Rini's Restaurant in Elmsford. This is probably the toughest part, since it will be a good $15 cab ride each way (maybe more).

The food is excellent and the people are very nice. They are all actually Italian too. With accents. After the rally ended, it took us a long time to get off property and out of Yonkers, so we missed our reservations. They were more than happy to take us whenever we got there, even though the restaurant usually closes by the time we arrived. They kept the restaurant open so we could eat and they stayed late to serve us. When we did arrived, they were proud to have 20 seminarians in the restaurant. They even comped us some wine.

Oh, and of course, the food was good too. I ordered the Gnochi and it was quite good although there were another 20 or so items that I wanted to try.

So a big thanks to the people at Rini's, and if anyone is ever looking for a good place north of NYC, look out for them. I highly recommend it.


Arthanius said...

Hey Bro - Good Commentaries

Got your reflections linked to my sight so people can read.

Hope we can link up, John of DHT

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for putting up your series on the visit! Its great to read about how it was for you with the Pope!

Jacob Maurer

lc@rinis said...

Just want to thank Seminarian at Destination Priesthood for your wonderful comments about Rinis Restaurant. It was wonderful and memorable to have all of you that evening. I wish I knew sooner of your gracious comments. We will never forget your group. We were blessed to have you.


Leo Cattarini