Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New York

Today at the Seminary we're having our annual Field Education Supervisor Appreciation Dinner. As has been mentioned, I've been working at a homeless services center in Santa Monica and Venice. It has been a GREAT experience and I can't think of a better way to spend my fridays.

But it does slow everything while we get ready, so I have a few minutes and I thought I'd write a little bit about my upcoming trip to New York to see Pope Benedict. I'll depart from LA Friday Morning and arrive at JFK airport around 5pm NY time. At this point I have no idea what my brethren from other dioceses will be up to, but I assume I'll be meeting up with them at the airport and we'll travel together to our hotel which is like 10 minutes away from Yonkers. We'll get to bed nice and early so we can get up early and head over to the venue, at the seminary in Yonkers(i'm hoping our West Coast time schedule works in our favor and gets us up earlier than everyone else). I'm an idiot. Hopefully between 9am and 10am we'll get inside and then we'll basically wait around for a really long time.

At noon there is a concert. I only know of one performer, and I've got to wonder if somebody is up to something. When I think of Kelly Clarkson, I don't think of American Idol. I also don't think of any of her songs (although they aren't bad). I think of Steve Carell in a certain movie yelling her name because he's in pain. If you know the movie I'm talking about you might get what I mean.* Something about a bunch of seminarians screaming her name at the top of their lungs is, well... I will applaud each song she sings, but I will not be screaming her name. That would just be unfortunate.

At 4 this concert apparently ends, and then we basically go ballistic chanting "BEN-NE-DETTO." until finally at 4:30, the man shows up. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm guessing there will be Vespers and an address. Anything else that happens is great with me.

Not sure what will happen afterwards. I don't leave until late Sunday, so I'm guessing I'll probably travel around NYC for a while with some of my fellow seminarians.

So coverage will be on EWTN starting around 4, I'm guessing, (channel 233 in western washington). You can also stream coverage off of the internet.


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Jessica said...

I'll be praying for a safe journey for you out there, and I hope that you have a wonderful experience that is faith-filled and also a lot of fun. I'm excited to hear how it goes :)