Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Good Stuff

Due to the generosity of my bishop, I was able to attend the Youth Rally at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers NY during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the USA. This is one small part of a series of posts about my experience. Please check back for more updates.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff. After the Kelly Clarkson performance (I'll get to that later) many of the bishops in attendance came out to visit and speak with the seminarians and youth. Here are a few:
And here is the fairly newly appointed Cardinal DiNardo framed nicely between a seminarian and a different bishop. I'm happy these bishops siezed the opportunity to visit with those in attendance, especially the youth. It was just a nice sight.

At this point, word was spreading around that the Pope was going to be a little late. A video on the sacrament of marriage was playing and people were gathered around talking. Then, a cheer started to rise up out of the crowd and we noticed that the video screens had changed to the image of a few cars driving onto the property. The moment that Vatican Flag became visible on that Limo, everybody started going crazy. He was now on the seminary property, only a few hundred yards away.

This is about when I started to lose it. Well, I guess I never really lost it, but I was definately tearing up. To be honest, I don't even know why. I was just moved by the whole experience. We were also receiving an audio feed from inside the seminary chapel and the Organ was droning on a very low note which added to the drama very nicely. I wish I had a picture of the seminarians in attendance. All of them, including me, had this wide-eyed gaping mouthed look on their faces like a kid on Christmas morning. Everyone's attention was drawn to the screens as we watched the Pope enter the seminary Chapel.

The video can be found here.

The seminary chapel was filled with wheel chairs and mothers holding small disabled children. Watching that man walk through the chapel grabbed everyone's heartstrings as a choir sang a hymn. A couple of moments in particular drew some "aawwws" out of the crowd. One was just after the 3:30 mark when that little girl dressed in white gave the Pope a little hug as he was blessing that woman in tears. The second that I remember was right around the 6 minute mark when the same little girl went to give the Pope a hug and then helped her friend do the same. It was an incredible moment I won't ever forget and there were a lot of damp eyes in Yonkers (and around the world) that night.

But we were just getting warmed up.

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Leticia said...

YOU saw that little angel do that too! I was SO touched by that!
I was at Dunwoodie without my 6 year old daughter with Down syndrome, and when I saw that I just fell in love with both the Holy Father and the little girl.
Did you know that he had a cousin close to his age, with Down syndrome who was exterminated by the Nazis?
Our special children are gifts from the Hand of a loving God who gives us just what we need. LOVE!