Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Canon Law

This is fun. I'm in a total 'fight' with two of my classmates right now about our case study in Canon law. I'm not going to state it specifically, but its a question of whether or not we can preside over a certain wedding. I'm arguing that as a Catholic priest, I cannot witness the marriage. Another classmate thinks we can. Still, another thinks we can only with a dispensation. We're pretty much deadlocked and have to present our case tomorrow. But, you'll be happy to know, we are reading the Canon's over and over again and learning them pretty well.

Seriously, before I entered seminary I thought I knew Canon Law pretty well for a lay person, but when you actually have to draft cases and prove your point, its a bit difficult. That being said, I'm totally right on this one!

I am going to add Ed Peters' Canon Law Blog to the tool bar when I get a chance and make a real effort to keep visiting.

Oh, and as soon as I find the announcement for the new Pastoral Assignments in my home diocese, I'll post the link. I know one or two of you are interested in that and have probably heard rumors that a couple well knowns are on the move.



Val said...

Cool post. You were up here? Oh well, glad you had a good time!

Janet said...

I heard a posting rumor (well, I don't think it was a rumor because I heard it from the horse's mouth) today, but I don't think that I was supposed to be privy to that information, so I'm making a commitment to keep my mouth shut for the time being. I don't know when these things are supposed to be public.

Seminarian said...

I'm pretty sure its public now, actually, since the re-assigned priests were supposed to announce to their congregations last weekend. I'm surprised nothing is up yet.

Janet said...

I figured that it couldn't be too "hush hush" since this person shouted it across the lunch room at the Palisades, but I'm slowly learning to be more prudent in passing along information that I learn because I work at the Chancery. But I'm super excited for the people at St. Joe's.

Seminarian said...

If you're referring to St. Joe's in Issaquah then yes... you should be excited. St. Joes in Vancouver as well (those are the only two St. Joes I can think of...)

Janet said...

I was talking about St. Joe's in Issaquah! It makes me sad that I might not be living in that area much longer. I probably would have made that my parish home instead of always driving in to the city. I don't know anything about Vancouver.