Thursday, April 03, 2008

21 Grams

I've been sitting on this Movie Review for like two months. I'll just lay it right out there:

This movie was awesome. I cannot recommend it highly enough. However, it is NOT for everyone. It is one of the 'heaviest' films I have ever seen, and if you aren't in the mood to be emotianally jerked around a little bit, you shouldn't watch this one. And do NOT show it to kids.

Prior to this one, the most intense (and even "stressful") movie I have seen was Babel, and guess what. They are by the same director, Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu. (There are a few Accents and whatnot over his names that I'm not able to use in Blogger too lazy to figure out. Inarritu is also a Catholic, which is cool. To me anyways.

But back to the movie... The story in 21 grams is not told in a linear fashion. Rather, it is pieced together in an order that properly develops the characters and leads you, the viewer, into utter shock over what happens to them. For example, the very first scene of the movie shows Naomi Watts and Sean Penn together in a way that suggests they have a romantic relationship (if you've seen the movie you might understand why I'm being opaque). A few minutes later, you realize they are both married to other people. You will then find yourself wondering how in the world these two found themselves in this situation. Are they having an affair? Were they together before they were married? Where are their spouses? The curiosity you feel is only possible because the story is not told in chronological order. Inarritu and whoever else helped him do this simply did an incredible job of telling this story. It is pure Genious.

Need another good reason to watch the movie? Naomi Watts and the absolutely outstanding job she did in her role as Cristina Peck. It's been 2 months since I've seen the film and I'm still getting chills from her performance. I didn't know it was possible to act as well as she did. Naomi lost out on the academy award to Charlize Theron and her role in Monster in the 2003 Academy Awards. I've only seen clips here and there of Monster, and while I can attest Theron does a remarkable job, Watts probably deserved the award in my book. The emotions she displayed in the movie was like nothing I've ever seen on film.

Oh, and Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro weren't bad either in the acting department.

You should be aware that there are some rather intense nude scenes in the film, so viewer discretion is obviously advised. Also, if your spouse or friends or whatever are in the mood for a comedy or something, do NOT pick this one up at the video store. Watch it with maybe one or two other people. Here is the trailer:

And I hope I didn't build this thing up so much that you're gonna watch it and be disapointed. That would be lame.


Andrew St.Hilaire said...

I'll have to watch it again :) Did you see and like I Am Legend?

Seminarian said...

Yes, but I thought that "28 Days Later" was a better movie with pretty much the same plot. Legend, if I recall, had some good images of faith in there (like the Church at the end), but 28 Days later was much better.