Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Show

Just got back from the Matt Good show in Hollywood. Aside from the Hollywood part it was alright. The reason it wasn't great was because the venue, Hotel Cafe, booked another artist to play at 9:15, which meant that Matt only got a little over an hour to play. But Matt was, as always, great to watch.

I've heard rumors that Matt is a jerk in person. Well, I met him for the second time tonight, and I'm pretty sure the rumors aren't true. Especially since he's been known to wear a shirt that says, "I hear Matt is a real jerk."

The first time I met him I was with a couple of friends from WWU. We went up to Vancouver because he was looking for extras for the "Weapon" video. We got there early, waited around for a couple hours, finally got let in, waited around longer, ate Pizza which Matt bought us for waiting, watched Matt get upset with some people for making us wait longer, waited around a bit more, and finally got told that the shoot got scrapped. We walked over to where he was and introduced ourselves. He apologized (in a humorous fashion which I can't post here) and then let us take a picture with him. It was great. Pizza and Pics with Matt Good. Sure doesn't sound like a jerk to me!

This time was different, but equally non-jerky. I found it hilarious! He definately wasn't mean, but he didn't buy me pizza. I arrived at the venue about an hour or so before the doors opened. About 10 minutes later, he showed up with a couple of his people. He acknowledged my presence with a quick head nod and went inside. After this, we had several extremely short conversations which are awesome (I'm remembering them the best I could... They're pretty close).

Matt: Hey! Are you the guy thats filming the show?
Me: No. I'm just one of your adoring fans.
Matt: Oh. (Walks back inside)

A couple minutes later

Matt with a cigarette: Hey.
Me: Hows your stay been?
Matt: Oh. You know. Sleepin a lot.
Me: Yeah. (pause... then inexplicably and without a purpose) I'm from Bellingham.
Matt: Oh. Right there huh?
Me: Yep.
Matt: Cool (walks away).

A couple minutes later

Matt: Hey is ther anybody back there?
Me: Yeah.
Matt: Oh. Anyone else?
Me: No. You looking for Pete?
Matt: Yeah. He back there?
Me: No.
Matt: Oh. (Re-enters venue)

A couple minutes later:

Matt walks out for another cigarette.
Me: Small place huh?
Matt: Yeah. I haven't had to walk through a crowd to the stage since 92.
Me: (Laughs)
Nobody: Silence.
Me: There only giving you 7 to 9 huh?
Matt: Yeah. Typical LA place.
Me: Yeah! I was supposed to meet a buddy here. We thought the show'd be at 9, but since it starts at 7 he couldn't get off work.
Matt: That sucks (walks back inside).

After this a few other fans started showing up. A lot of really cool people were there. Everyone was talking about how they had heard of Matt Good, since he has found such little fame in the US, or "The States" as some call it. Everyone had the same story. It began and ended with, "Oh. I have this Canadian Friend and he told me to check him out."

Finally we got in. Being the first in, I snagged a table, first row, and off to the side a little bit with my new Matt Good friends I met in the line outside. After watching the entertaining Molly Jensen, Matt was finally on. He was great.

Perhaps I'll write a more in depth review of the show later, but I've gotta finish some homework. In the meantime, Thanks for the good times Matt! Come back to LA soon.

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Anna D said...

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God bless you buddy!