Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On "Checking Out..."

I have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. Gonzaga's run to the tournament. My visit to New York to see the Pope. Another trip to the east coast to visit family and friends (Boston, New York again, Washington DC, Baltimore). Six weeks in Mexico to study spanish. Easter. My pastoral internship which begins in September. Trips home.

There is just a lot to be excited about.

Its been very easy to check out. This semester is insanely busy, too. Focusing on academics and prayer has been difficult. Sometimes I need a little shot of adrenaline...

I got that adrenaline today in the form of the comments section of Sr. Mary Ann Walsh's response to a guy who thinks the bishops should go to Hell.

Just read these comments!

Here are some of my favorites:

"I feel for these Catholic friends and family. How any thinking Christian can tolerate supporting an institution where the goodness, decency, and moral integrity is DESPITE rather than BECAUSE of the leadership is beyond me. Especially when there are so many alternative places of worship where the teachings of Jesus are more consistently preached and practiced."
"Whining that someone is disrespecting your religion because he points out your philosophical shortcomings won't work. For further evidence, Sister, peruse the comments posted so far. Nobody's fooled.
Words like "wafer" and "damned" aren't the issue and you know it. Small wonder your numbers are in such steep decline."

This next one was great, but I'll just post the very end:

"One last note, why don't you research why the catholic church celebrates the sabbath on Sundays, not on Saturdays as, what's his name, oh yes, Jesus did. You'll find it to be another decision formed from hate. The doctrine of this church is so seriously flawed that only the brainwashed remain. For those of you who want to talk of all the good works of the church, I will remind you that those type of remarks are the same ones made by the benficiaries of the social programs of hamas and hezbollah in the Middle East today. Same bait and switch, different religion."
"The clergy has for centuries promoted a very non-Christian view of sex, inherited from other more primitive patriarchal faiths and traditions. Has this nun forgotten how John Paul II resurrected the ridiculous and certainly not from the teachings of Jesus cult of Mary, the immaculate virgin."
"The ROMAN catholic church organization in the USA, as elsewhere, has been seeing its membership in decline mode as levels of education climb. This is certainly understandable as people come to understand they ought NOT PARK THEIR BRAIN AT THE FRONT DOOR. The RCC in USA is desperate to increase membership (revenues) so it actively promotes lawbreaking by encouraging and assisting Illegal Aliens, criminals by definition, invade into, and hide in, OUR country. The RCC in the USA likewise promotes the idea women are only babyfactories and ought to have sex early and often so as to produce more potential RCC members. The RCC and the notion of American democratic ideals are at opposite ends of just about any question. democracy is about bottom-up policies, while the RCC is about top-down "stop thinking and do what we say" (not as we do) policies. Vile organization."
"The Catholic Church still has not apologized to the planet for institutionalizing child molesting. and then attempting to bury the crimes. Sister, you represent some of the lowest life forms on earth. I was born and raised Catholic by nuns. sickos."

Wonderful stuff, eh? Just a few reasons I've gotta pray and study. I'll end with my favorite quote of all though, from a different perspective than the others.

"I wonder how the Catholic Church will view that failed experiment "the United States" a thousand years from now."


Jessica said...

Well, we'll be praying for our brother, despite his misguided views like oh what's his name, oh yeah, Jesus did. I don't blame you for your adrenaline. Where in Mexico will you be going and when?

Anonymous said...

dude, you're going to NY to see the Pope - tell him I need a raise!!! Hope you're doing well bro...