Friday, February 22, 2008

More on Dave

"There are now three generations of people up here who have listened to me. Those are the people I really owe for this honor." - Dave Niehaus

It is great to see so many great thoughts on Dave posted throughout the Mariners blogosphere. Turns out I'm not alone in thinking of Dave as somewhat of an uncle.

Here are a few links:

Prospect Insider's piece is wonderful.

As is Dave's post at USS Mariner.

Jim Caple of ESPN wrote a great piece, with some audio links. Please do yourself a favor and listen them all, but if you don't have time just click "Edgar Martinez's Double vs. Yanks in '95. I get chills everytime I hear it, and I've heard it a lot.

I share the same thoughts. I remember (what seems like) a long time ago when I used to have to go to bed every night before the game ended and would listen to the final few innings on the radio. Dave would always let me know when something big happened, and I'd book it down the stairs just in time to watch the replay with my dad on TV.

What wonderful times.

Go Mariners. Go Dave.

Update: Some awesomeness courtesy of our Japanese friends...

And here's a serious classic, which has some great clips, including Edgar playing some stellar 3rd base, Greg Briley teeing off, and Harold Reynolds playing piano.


Jessica said...

Thanks for posting all this :) Sadly, I don't follow the Mariners like I did in high school, mainly just tune in your blog for the latest bitter lament over the recent loss. Dave definitely does make the Mariners part of who they are as a team, Seattle just wouldn't be the same without him. And hey, maybe this'll be the year without bitter laments when the Mariners have an incredible year (I'm borrowing Janet's rose-colored glasses!)

Anna D said...

Hey Bryan - i dont know if it was 40 below 0, but it was close. perhaps with the wind chill. But i will tell you that i have never been colder in all my life than then 3 winters i have spent here in St. Paul. I could go on and on about ... It is so cold that ..... but i will spare you.

dont know if NET as a whole will be headed out to NY for the pope, but i do know a few people who are going on their own. we shall see! are you headed there?


Chris, Meghan, and Cate said...

Hey Bryan,
Just wanted to stop and say hi! Thats so cool about Dave!!

ps. I totally agree about Bedard and do they really think that Arthur Rhodes is going to be our lefty set-up man! Pshhhh....

Should be interesting....but hey at least I have a "glimmer" of more hope for this season!!!