Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello Again.

Well hello! Thanks for dropping by. Its been quite a while since I last posted. This is mainly due to my fairly awesome Christmas Vacation. Some Highlights? Ok! Not in any particular order:

1) I got some pretty rad Christmas Gifts, but few are as awesome as the gift that my Archbishop gave me. A TRIP TO NEW YORK TO SEE THE HOLY FATHER IN APRIL!!!! Well, he gave it to me and the rest of our seminarians. But that was pretty cool. So, yeah... I'm going to see the pope this April.

2) Playing Rock Band at my old roomate's house on New Years Eve. It's like Guitar Hero, only better.

3) A couple good friends got married (to each other) in Vancouver. Congrats Val and John! BTW... Best. Wedding Food. Ever.

4) After watching these two tie the knot we had to race to Burnaby to watch the Seahawks in their skirmish with the Redskins. There were about 35 of us crammed in this tiny lounge at the Hotel. Go Hawks!

5) Gonzaga Battle in Seattle pre-game. Also blogged about over at La Rev. Basically, my friend got me on this "list" of sorts which got me into the Fox Sports Bar and Grill with the entire Zag team and a few other notables. Here is some evidence:

This first one is of Jud Heathcote.

Second... This is GU coach Mark Few:

Third... Craig Ehlo. You pretty much have to be a regular at the mentioned above La Rev to know how cool this is. Read his post and you might start to understand.

So yeah... that was a great time. We also got a bunch of free food.

6) I got see a lot of family and friends that I miss when I'm in California.

Now, I just got done with my silent retreat, only, I was pretty sick throughout and didn't actually make it to many of the talks/masses/adoration. I mainly just slept. But I'm almost recovered now, so I guess I needed it.

Tomorrow Its all about the Seahawks and the Zags.

Then Sunday its all about the Sabbath.

Then Monday its all about my new schedule. More on that later.

So take it easy and enjoy your weekends!


Jessica said...

Sorry you were sick during your silent retreat but I'm glad you're feeling better. And as to your comment about the food at the wedding...heck yes. Thanks for the update about Zach and Cheri, the PM family just keeps growing!

Val said...

Glad you enjoyed the food Bryan!! Thanks soooo much again for serving at our nuptial mass!! It was great to see you!!!