Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Classes

Here are the classes I'm taking this semester.

Spanish - I still have no idea what's going on in this class.

Latin - Self explanatory.

Field education seminar - This semester I will be assisting a ministry to the homeless in Venice Beach. Should be interesting. I also have an hour class to learn the art of theological reflection.

Pastoral Psychology - The basics of counseling... what we can do as priests, what we can't do as priests... when to make referrals, etc.

Homiletics - practicing the art of preaching.

Johannine Lit. - The Gospel of John, The book of revelation, the Johannine epistles. Very excited (John is my favorite Gospel).

Ecclesiology - The study of the Church (its mission and structure, etc.).

Canon Law - The law of the Church. You might even define it as Ecclesiology in action.

Healthcare and Catholic Morality - probably going to turn out to be my favorite class.

Should be very busy, especially since my field education takes up a whole day. Oh well...

Here is a video I took this last weekend at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. I obviously attended.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey WWU folks...

I recieved a text from Zach... as of 7am this morning, Cheri was in labor. She probably has delivered already, but lets remember her in prayer anyway.

UPDATE: Isaac has a brother! Aidan Xavier! 9lbs 6oz. Both Aidan and Cheri are doing well!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seahawks are done...

But at least I don't have to sulk about this one. Green Bay just kicked the trash out of us and Brett Favre reminded the world just how tough of a man he really is. Still, how many 20 yard gains should a playoff team give up on third and seven? I don't know, but not as many as the Hawks did.

Not wanting to watch the game alone, I drove down to my favorite Hawk watching spot in LA, Hollywood Billiards, to meet up with a friend. I've talked a lot about how cool this place usually is. Its not nearly as cool when you lose. There were a lot of Hawk fans there, but there were also a lot of Packer fans in attendance. We weren't very well segregated, either. So this video isn't that great, but its a taste of the fun I had this season watching football at this place.
The Packer fan in this video at the beginning drank too much and was a serious Jerk after the game started to get out of hand. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, I pan around a bit to try to show the other Hawk fans, but it was too dark. The main problem with this place was that we were too spread out, but I'd say there were probably 70 Hawk fans and 100 Packer fans in this place. So.... whatever.

At least the Zags won.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello Again.

Well hello! Thanks for dropping by. Its been quite a while since I last posted. This is mainly due to my fairly awesome Christmas Vacation. Some Highlights? Ok! Not in any particular order:

1) I got some pretty rad Christmas Gifts, but few are as awesome as the gift that my Archbishop gave me. A TRIP TO NEW YORK TO SEE THE HOLY FATHER IN APRIL!!!! Well, he gave it to me and the rest of our seminarians. But that was pretty cool. So, yeah... I'm going to see the pope this April.

2) Playing Rock Band at my old roomate's house on New Years Eve. It's like Guitar Hero, only better.

3) A couple good friends got married (to each other) in Vancouver. Congrats Val and John! BTW... Best. Wedding Food. Ever.

4) After watching these two tie the knot we had to race to Burnaby to watch the Seahawks in their skirmish with the Redskins. There were about 35 of us crammed in this tiny lounge at the Hotel. Go Hawks!

5) Gonzaga Battle in Seattle pre-game. Also blogged about over at La Rev. Basically, my friend got me on this "list" of sorts which got me into the Fox Sports Bar and Grill with the entire Zag team and a few other notables. Here is some evidence:

This first one is of Jud Heathcote.

Second... This is GU coach Mark Few:

Third... Craig Ehlo. You pretty much have to be a regular at the mentioned above La Rev to know how cool this is. Read his post and you might start to understand.

So yeah... that was a great time. We also got a bunch of free food.

6) I got see a lot of family and friends that I miss when I'm in California.

Now, I just got done with my silent retreat, only, I was pretty sick throughout and didn't actually make it to many of the talks/masses/adoration. I mainly just slept. But I'm almost recovered now, so I guess I needed it.

Tomorrow Its all about the Seahawks and the Zags.

Then Sunday its all about the Sabbath.

Then Monday its all about my new schedule. More on that later.

So take it easy and enjoy your weekends!