Monday, December 17, 2007

Home Stretch

Things are definately winding down in my favor this semester. Most of my classes had a final project instead of a final exam, which means I'm practically done with the semster and just get to enjoy the final week of school. I do have one in class final, one take home final, and one long translation in Latin, but they won't be too bad. Friday morning I will leave for home... I can't wait.

I know everyone is spending like crazy and giving a lot this Christmas, but if you are looking to give some more to a good cause, I'd like to suggest giving it to Shelley Lubben Ministries. Shelley is a former prostitute/"adult" film star who has cleaned up, become a devout evangelical Christian, and now works to get women out of "the industry." Give her site a visit and if you feel like it, give her some $$.

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