Thursday, November 08, 2007

Don't Fire Weis

I've been a bit sick this week. I'm guessing it might be because of the disgusting Notre Dame Game I listened to. Then again, it may have been that atrocious Seahawks game I followed on GameCast. Either way, I have a nasty sore throat and I've missed some class this week.

But regarding the above teams, I'm pretty sure the Seahawks are going to make the playoffs. First off, their division is terrible. Second off, the schedule that looked so intimidating at the beginning of the year now looks laughable. They might even win out. If the Seahawks don't make the playoffs in this situation, they don't deserve it and you won't hear any complaining out of me.

As for ND, I really like this article from ESPN. It sums up a really bad situation, but concludes that the Irish shouldn't fire Charlie Weis. It also sides with the former Coach, Tyrone Willingham who was fired after a similar first 3 years as Weis. (TW, by the way, is in some hot-water at UW as well... I hope UW doesn't bow down to the boosters and decides to keep willingham around) Anyway, I don't have much more to say about that.

As for the Navy Game, I'll just say this: Its like that old saying goes... Its even hard to beat Navy 44 times in a row.


PS. Blogging has been light and will be light for a while because I'm dealing with the biggest assignment of my semester and am not even really that close to finishing it. It is an exegesis on Luke 24:13-35, The Road to Emmaus. Its not that long, but its 40% of my grade, which means I have to do really well.


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Val said...

The Road to Emmaus. At the Life Teen conference I went to they talked about the Road to Emmaus being a great model for ministry. Hope you're doing well Mr. Thurifer. How'd that homily go?