Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sports Adoption

I'm adopting the Colorado Rockies for the playoffs, although I question how much time I will be able to actually watch them. Things are busy. The reason for this adoption is that, if you didn't know, their playoff run has been possibly one of the most incredible feats in recent history... (they kind of remind me of a certain Seattle team in say, 1995, who was 13 out in early August and took the division in a one game playoff against the California Angels keyed by an in the park grand slam by Luis Sojo*). I will also, of course, be cheering for the Angels and the Yankees to lose, and lose bad. Between them and Cleveland, who I also don't really care for, the AL is a mine field of potential lameness. So, GO NL!

Also, its almost that time of year again! and by that time of year again, I mean time for GONZAGA BASKETBALL!

Here is a good article, posted over at La Revolucion. Oh, and speaking of La Revolucion, do check out his Gameday Video tournament bracket. Its quite good, except I really think the "selection committee" pulled a Homer by picking Thundercats over Voltron. Silly. * In seventh grade my friends and I called it a Grand Slam, but it was really a double with several errors.

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La Rev said...

When I was in 3rd grade, my baseball teammates and I used to do "Sword of Omens" with our bats for good luck. I think we went 131-0 that season.