Monday, October 29, 2007

Pope to Say Mass in Satan's Lair

Rocco Palmo of whispers published this story about the Pope's plans for his upcoming visit to the United States. It looks like the Pope is planning on taking the battle between good and evil straight to the source of evil:

As things presently stand, the plan now looks to give B16 three days in New York, including a culminating Mass on the final day in Yankee Stadium, as opposed to the previously-proffered option of Central Park.

I have never been to Yankee Stadium, but I've seen many atrocities happen here. I have to hand it to the pontiff... he's fearless.

In other news from Satan's team, A-Rod won't be returning. This means that there is a good chance A-Rod will be suiting up for (of all teams) the Anaheim Angels. If this happens, there is a very good chance the Angels will pass the Yankees on my list of most hated sports franchises. Don't let the name throw, these buggers are up to no good.

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