Monday, October 15, 2007

Ministry of Reader

It is with great joy that I announce to you all that, after having petitioned my bishop, I have been called to the Ministry of Reader. I will be installed here at the seminary this Saturday October 20th.

For those of you who are unaware, Pope Paul VI replaced the minor orders of Tonsure and Porter with the ministries of Reader and Acolyte with his Motu Proprio, Ministarae Quaedam. Now, every seminarian applying for orders is entrusted with these ministries. Here is what the ministry entails for me as outlined in the Motu Proprio:

5. The reader is appointed for a function proper to him, that of reading the word of God in the liturgical assembly. Accordingly, he is to proclaim the readings from sacred Scripture, except for the gospel in the Mass and other sacred celebrations; he is to recite the psalm between the readings when there is no psalmist; he is to present the intentions for the general intercessions in the absence of a deacon or cantor; he is to direct the singing and the participation by the faithful; he is to instruct the faithful for the worthy reception of the sacraments. He may also, insofar as may be necessary, take care of preparing other faithful who are appointed on a temporary basis to read the Scriptures in liturgical celebrations. That he may more fittingly and perfectly fulfill these functions, he is to meditate assiduously on sacred Scripture.

Aware of the office he has undertaken, the reader is to make every effort and employ suitable means to acquire that increasingly warm and living love and knowledge of Scripture that will make him a more perfect disciple of the Lord.

One thing to note is that this is a permanent ministry that I am called to perform. If I were to leave seminary next Monday after being instituted a reader, I would still be asked to perform these functions. I'm a little scared, to be honest, but I'm also overjoyed at this opportunity to serve the Church.

Also, being able to take these small steps helps prepare me for Diaconate and Priesthood, if by the grace of God I am called to serve the Church in this capacity. When the rector made the announcement a small chill went through my spine. I'm seriously moving closer. I ask you all for your prayers that I will be able to meet the demands of this responsibility.

I promise that I will serve you all to the best of my abilities!


Val said...

Congrats!!! So are you going to post this video every time you make an entry that has to do with your vocation? Ha ha!! I'll pray for your choir direction skills :)

Andrew St.Hilaire said...

Praise be God, that's fantastic!!

Will the installation be anywhere near as elaborate as the diaconate and priestly ordination ceremonies?

I will continuing praying for you, especially as you enter into this new ministry.

Seminarian said...

Thanks guys. No, its not as elaborate as diaconate or priestly ordinations. After the Gospel, the deacon will call the readers by name and we'll all individually respond "present" as is the case. Then we will be recieved with applause. Then comes the homily and then we recieve a lectionary and the bishop installs us. No prostration, no litany, no annointings. Plus, its in our chapel at the seminary, which is a lot smaller which means we can only have like 6 guests a piece.

pyrosapien2819 said...

God Bless you and congratulations.

My family and I will continue to pray for you and your vocation to the priesthood.

Mallahan Family said...

Cool! I noticed that the Motu Propio says, "he is to PROCLAIM the readings from Sacred scripture...". Is that any different from the quiet, monotone struggling-over-every-big-word style of reading I usually hear? :)

Tom & Carrie Herring said...

Awesome, Bryan. Awesome.

As for Cheri's comment -- I will never forget having to sit through some woman from Sacred Heart, Bellingham reading the book of Genesis as though she were in a Kindergarden setting, with "Where the Wild Things Are" in her hands.

*With extreme voice inflection*
"And THEN God said, 'Let the Earth be FILLED with every kind of fish in the sea, and creepy-crawly thing on the land'...*prolonged pause; now looking up and beaming a smile*...and God saw how GOOOOD it was."

Gag me.

I almost got out of the pew to gag her. Intead I just shifted in my seat uncomfortably (in solidarity with the rest of the congregation) for the 8 minutes she was up there.

Anyway. Happy to hear about the news, Bryan. :)