Saturday, October 06, 2007

Here's a good laugh...

Brought to you by the women at ABC's The View (through Jimmy Akin) who recently discussed certain aspects of Church teaching.

"We were all raised Catholic here, so this is not some anti-Catholic rant that we're on. This is just factual information." Just in this statement alone: 1)Not all of them were raised Catholic. 2) Being Catholic does not mean you can't be anti-Catholic. 3)Being Catholic does not mean everything you say about the Church is factual. 4) There were very few facts presented in this segment of the show.

Jimmy has the transcript here.

I'd like to add a couple last things, speaking as an average Catholic, rather than as someone who studies theology. When you recieve communion, you are in fact making a public statement, to me and to everyone else, that you are in communion both in faith and action, with us. For most of us (usually when we slip into mortal sin) we deny ourselves communion, by not presenting ourselves. If people don't believe what we believe (in matters of faith and morals), or if they act innapropriately, they shouldn't present themselves either. I find it personally disrespectful when they do.


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