Friday, September 28, 2007

What? Tonight?

If you live in LA and don't have any plans tonight (Friday), I have one question for you: Are you also a seminarian? Come on. This is LA. You're supposed to be like, living it up all crazy like. and stuff. With famous movie stars.

Well that isn't important. What is important is that if you don't have plans tonight I might have something for you. But as most of my poorly written blog posts do, I'm first going to tell a short story.

So last night I was working on this paper, and it wasn't going too well. It was a short one, just 5 pages, but I had written 3 and a half and felt like it was good enough to be done with. So, I scoured my sources to look for any little piece of evidence I could find to comment on. This got very boring, so I decided to distract myself by checking out my myspace page, which I never do. It said I had an invitation, so I checked it out and "Boom Goes the Dynamite!" My friend Kris Orlowski is playing a gig tomorrow right here in Hollywood! Kris and I used to play soccer together back in like high school. Since then, we've run into each other at WWU and Church and whatnot. But still, he's playing in LA! And I'm totally going to go.

The show is tonight at a place called The Derby. I'm not sure what time kris will be going on, but I'm trying to get reach him via the telephone to find out. It's 15 bucks, and there are a few other acts.

So, if you live in LA and aren't doing anything and are sad enough that you have to take social tips from a seminarian, you should stop by. But in all honesty, kris is a great musician and you might like him. Here is his myspace page: (Check out "The Bay." Thats my favorite)

And here is a (short) youtube videos of him:

Here's a full song:
More on this later.

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