Monday, September 24, 2007


My Alma Mater resumes classes this Wednesday. All my Newman Center connections have graduated, for the most part, so I now have no more ins to tell me how its going. I have no doubt that it will go well, though, with Fr. Nguyen and Rachel in control. Why am I typing this? Only 2 of you care. Oh yeah... I wrote it as somewhat of a lead in to this link. This one here.

Its about how to get college students to practice Catholicism. I agree with it. I think a lot of people would try to avoid the difficult stuff expecting the more devout Catholics to get involved anyway, which would maximize participation. Of course, what winds up happening is that participation is closer to minimal. Things can be a bit counter-intuitive when it comes to people and religion.

Oh well... I have to give a homiletic simulation on Racism tomorrow, so I gotta get to bed.

btw... for those of you who are interested... my brother is having a lot of fun in India. He's teaching a couple english classes and touring the area pretty well.

Ok, later.

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