Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busyness as Usual...

I was elected Vice President of the students here, which has led to even more work this semester, which is quite a lot to begin with. Funny thing though: I'm so on top of it all its scary. Very unlike me, in a way. Maybe Formation is working.

I was reading some Raymond Brown for my class the other day. If you know anything about Brown, you know that he isn't really the most exciting guy to read. I happened to be reading in our periodical section in the Library, and my eyes wandered to the most recent edition of First Things, and to the article called "God and Evolution," written by Avery Cardinal Dulles. I set Brown down on the ground with a frown (ok, not really a frown, but it rhymed) and picked up the article and read it, and I recommend you check it out. It can be found, in full, here.

The whole article was great, but there was one thing that caught my attention... I had a class last year in which I couldn't pay attention well (my classmates tell me I didn't miss out on much). I tried, but I found it much more fun to work out some "proofs" for the existence of God. I actually thought of one that I thought was pretty good, that I'd never heard of before. Then I saw it explained in First Things:

It may be of interest that the scientist Francis Collins came to believe in God not so much from contemplating the beauty and order of creation—impressive though it is—but as the result of moral and religious experience. His reading of C.S. Lewis convinced him that there is a higher moral law to which we are unconditionally subject and that the only possible source of that law is a personal God. Lewis also taught him to trust the natural instinct by which the human heart reaches out ineluctably to the infinite and the divine. Every other natural appetite—such as those for food, sex, and knowledge—has a real object. Why, then, should the yearning for God be the exception?

So it looks like CS Lewis beat me to it. Actually, thats kind of cool. Anyways, I've got some work to do, but the good news is, once I'm done with this one assignment I'll be done for the whole weekend! That means I might get to watch the Seahawks!

But seriously, read the article, especially if you are confused on what the Church's thoughts are on evolution.

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