Friday, August 17, 2007

Texas Hold Them

I was showing a friend around the old College yesterday, when I noticed a copy of it's student published newspaper, The Western Front sitting in its display case. I put my Fair Trade espresso down and picked up the paper to see what kind of non-news the Front was reporting. It turns out that an awesome bit of news was right there in bold letters telling me that one of my former history professors, Dr. Steven Garfinkle, found some good fortune at the 2007 World Series of Poker, taking 10th in the often televised Main Event.

Professor Garfinkle was a great professor, although I only took 1 of his classes. I focused more on the medieval period, while he taught all the ancient history, so I mainly took his introductory class for "fun." I'd like to say that I remember everything he taught me, but unfortunately only The Epic of Gilgamesh and writing those little one page papers before each Friday class really comes to mind.

But there was one issue that he told our class about that I remember pretty clearly. I'll give it some precious blog-time in honor of Dr. Garfinkle's triumph at the WSOP. That issue is the looting of antiquities from the Iraqi Museums during the war. Read a little about it here. So here's to you Dr. Garfinkle, and your winnings, and to the recovery of the lost antiquities.

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