Friday, August 10, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

I saw it a couple nights ago. Although there were a couple of hilarious moments, I was pretty disappointed. I had heard rumors that the writers from the show's glory days (Seasons 3-8) would be heading up the project. I haven't checked to verify, but that seems pretty false. It was not funny. Here are some random complaints...

Spider-pig. This joke was beaten to a pulp in the previews, so you can imagine that by the time it was shown in the movies, and then referred to again and again, it had lost any small amount of luster it may have had.

Itchy and Scratchy. Worst. Episode. Ever.

The Plot. Like many of the newer episodes of the show, the plot changed too many times. One moment I thought that the movie was going to be about Bart wanting to join the Flanders household, and the next moment it was about the Simpsons moving to Alaska. I also thought there were going to be some religious themes, since Grandpa was prophesying at the beginning (although, as you might imagine, I'm not too disappointed they left it out... could have been a bit awkward).

President Schwarzenegger. The Simpsons features a Character named Ranier Wolfcastle, who was created to mock Arnold. See what I mean? So here's what ticked me off. If they just made the president of the USA Ranier Wolfcastle it would have been funny for us long time fans, although it may have (but probably not have) gone over the heads of some who have never seen the Simpsons. Thus, the long time Simpson's fans were a bit betrayed by this one. Is that too harsh? Perhaps. But so was taking my 9 dollars. So it evens out.

Ok, I'm done. I would like to know what you thought of the movie though, so please use the combox. I know that the Gonzaga Bloggers, Scott, (and now George) probably saw it. Hopefully you liked it. If so, please tell me why. I'm stumped.

Now, something actually funny to end this one on a positive... it actually stars the voice of Principal Skinner, although Christopher Guest is why I like this...

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La Rev said...

You're right on, my friend--I did not enjoy it that much. Maybe it's the raging Democrat in me, but I thought the President Arnold was pretty funny.
But yeah, overall, kinda crappy.