Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miracle, or Menace

So I'm cruising into Eugene Oregon Tuesday night around 7pm, the same time the Mariners are about to continue their series with the LA Angels of Anaheim. Hoping to pick it up on some MLB-less station in Portland, I hit the scan button on the radio and listened for a familiar voice. Well, I hit the jackpot... on KOMO AM 1000, one of our Seattle stations!

"How could this be?" I asked myself. "I don't even get KOMO very well up in Bellingham, and here I am in Centerish Oregon!" As I listened to the M's put up 5 runs in the first inning, I thought to myself that this must be some kind of a miracle. Boy was I wrong. I kept driving, and the Signal never left, and thus I continued to listen to Vlad Freakin Guerrero shred us apart and I fought the temptation to slam my car into the guard rail through Roseburg, Medford, Ashland, Yreka CA, Shasta, Redding... This made an already pretty terrible car trip into one of the most awful few hours I've ever spent in a car.

So I got to the Seminary Wednesday Evening just in time to watch a bunch of dorks from Anaheim and dorks from LA who actually think this team is from LA celebrating for no other reason than to spite me.

But when you have a hilarious blog to read, it sure does make it easier. Thanks Jeff. Whoever you are.

Anyway, the point is I'm back safely (so thanks for the prayers) and hopefully won't have to be so obsessed with the Mariners lack of skill.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Boo-urns and I'm Out.

First the Boo-urns. I'm not sure which is more pathetic, the Seattle Mariners' attempt to get everyone at the game to wear blue, or the Seattle Mariners' attempt to win a baseball game tonight (Monday night). Both were rediculously sad. I can't wait to read Lookout Landing tomorrow to see what Jeff has to say. I'll need it after watching this pathetic mess of a game.

Now the I'm Out. Packing is in progress, and tomorrow morning I'm down I5 back to Cali. If you come across this, please say a quick prayer for me. When I get down there, I will hopefully give a post with some of my plans for the semester (including a possible trip to Anaheim to see the M's suck against the Angels in person)... should be a good one both academically and otherwise.

Until then, God Bless.

John Lackey is the devil.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Texas Hold Them

I was showing a friend around the old College yesterday, when I noticed a copy of it's student published newspaper, The Western Front sitting in its display case. I put my Fair Trade espresso down and picked up the paper to see what kind of non-news the Front was reporting. It turns out that an awesome bit of news was right there in bold letters telling me that one of my former history professors, Dr. Steven Garfinkle, found some good fortune at the 2007 World Series of Poker, taking 10th in the often televised Main Event.

Professor Garfinkle was a great professor, although I only took 1 of his classes. I focused more on the medieval period, while he taught all the ancient history, so I mainly took his introductory class for "fun." I'd like to say that I remember everything he taught me, but unfortunately only The Epic of Gilgamesh and writing those little one page papers before each Friday class really comes to mind.

But there was one issue that he told our class about that I remember pretty clearly. I'll give it some precious blog-time in honor of Dr. Garfinkle's triumph at the WSOP. That issue is the looting of antiquities from the Iraqi Museums during the war. Read a little about it here. So here's to you Dr. Garfinkle, and your winnings, and to the recovery of the lost antiquities.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Well this is nice...

From a Diocesan Newspaper in New York an article about my friend Steve, an aspiring actor who will be moving to New York (unless he changes his mind and heads to LA like I'm hoping). Steve and I went to Western Washington University together and participated in the Newman Center there. He's a great guy and its wonderful to see he's evangelizing through his work.

Keep it up Steve!

Just For a Bit of Inspiration

The Owner of the Seattle Supersonicas

No longer Celebrates Chanukkha.

Instead, he celebrates making all the children who asked for that Kevin Durant Jersey for the birthdays cry.

Here it is. Either the city gets a new arena deal done, or the team moves off to Oklahoma.

This is a bit disapointing. I'm not the biggest fan of the Sonics (or the NBA for that matter) but it is nice to have a team around. Especially the only Seattle team that has won a championship... oops. I forgot. The Seattle Storm has one. How could I have goofed that one up. To see the city rally behind the likes of Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird... the electricity... Ok, time to be quiet.

I find it difficult, though, to support a new stadium deal. We've already purchased two stadiums in the last 10 years or so. Also, the Key arena is not that old. Also, the 520 is going to need to be replaced soon. Also, the Viaduct needs to be replaced right now, before it kills some people.

So Sea-Town has a lot to worry about, and its NBA team isn't really that big of a deal right now. I hope a deal gets done, but its not looking good.

But perhaps the saddest consequence of the sup's leaving is that there will be no more Sonics songs written by the Presidents of the USA....

And Gary Payton was on... Bounce pass upcourt to Shawn... Five guys in a groove... nothing but net Big Smooth.

I wish I had a video, but this will have to suffice.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lookout Landing

We're now well into August, and the M's haven't folded yet. Awesome. Not only have I been enjoying the Mariners beating up on the likes of the Orioles, but I've been enoying Lookout Landing. Just read this stuff . Hilarious.

The Simpsons Movie

I saw it a couple nights ago. Although there were a couple of hilarious moments, I was pretty disappointed. I had heard rumors that the writers from the show's glory days (Seasons 3-8) would be heading up the project. I haven't checked to verify, but that seems pretty false. It was not funny. Here are some random complaints...

Spider-pig. This joke was beaten to a pulp in the previews, so you can imagine that by the time it was shown in the movies, and then referred to again and again, it had lost any small amount of luster it may have had.

Itchy and Scratchy. Worst. Episode. Ever.

The Plot. Like many of the newer episodes of the show, the plot changed too many times. One moment I thought that the movie was going to be about Bart wanting to join the Flanders household, and the next moment it was about the Simpsons moving to Alaska. I also thought there were going to be some religious themes, since Grandpa was prophesying at the beginning (although, as you might imagine, I'm not too disappointed they left it out... could have been a bit awkward).

President Schwarzenegger. The Simpsons features a Character named Ranier Wolfcastle, who was created to mock Arnold. See what I mean? So here's what ticked me off. If they just made the president of the USA Ranier Wolfcastle it would have been funny for us long time fans, although it may have (but probably not have) gone over the heads of some who have never seen the Simpsons. Thus, the long time Simpson's fans were a bit betrayed by this one. Is that too harsh? Perhaps. But so was taking my 9 dollars. So it evens out.

Ok, I'm done. I would like to know what you thought of the movie though, so please use the combox. I know that the Gonzaga Bloggers, Scott, (and now George) probably saw it. Hopefully you liked it. If so, please tell me why. I'm stumped.

Now, something actually funny to end this one on a positive... it actually stars the voice of Principal Skinner, although Christopher Guest is why I like this...