Thursday, May 17, 2007


One final left.

I came across the below video on Mary Meets Dolly. I'm no scientist, so if anyone wants to refute the video in any way, they can go ahead.

A couple weeks ago in Moral Theology my professor talked about some of the realities of how embryos are harvested for research. One such reality is how difficult the procedure is on the women who give up their eggs. It is a terribly difficult procedure.

Since American Women aren't giving up their eggs (at least as my professor asserted... again, feel free to disagree) a lot of companies are going to the third world and offering women relatively small amounts of money to give up their eggs. If the procedure is as difficult as my professor and videos like this assert, then I really don't see this as being anything other than exploitation of women.

Oh yeah... and its all for "highly speculative" research that has not yet yielded any good news for curing any disease.

Call me crazy, but maybe this whole embryonic stem cell research thing isn't all its cracked up to be.

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