Saturday, May 12, 2007


My test last thursday went well. A-.

Studying is going alright, although I don't know how anyone could study in weather like this. I wish I had a picture to show you, but it has been BEAUTIFUL.

A was inspired a bit by this story from my friend Kristine. Kristine and I met at the Newman Center (although it wasn't called that back then) at WWU and have been friends ever since. Her and her husband Michael pretty much dominate. Just in general, they dominate. The story I linked explains one example where Kristine dominates the powers of evil by teaching second graders how to dominate evil with their rosaries.

Not much to report at this time. Here is a video that the deacons at Mundelein made. I leave it because 1) its funny and 2) one of our soon to be ordained priests from the home-diocese helped make it.

Deacon Payne:

Some Old Skool Awesome U2:


La Rev said...

U2 is awesome, but to be fair, anyone's awesome at Red Rocks.

Seminarian said...

Yeah... I've pretty much wanted to go see a show there since (the first) Dave Matthew's Band Live at Red Rocks came out. Best CD ever. Man, what an epic "Dancing Nancies"-->"Warehouse."

La Rev said...

My first concert ever was Wu Tang Clan at Red Rocks.
I'm totally lying, but how sweet would that be?

"I be tossin' and flossin', my style is awesome." Echoing off the sandstone, that line would be solid gold.

Seminarian said...

Method Man came to my hometown a while back and played at a place called The Nightlight Lounge. You can actually find videos of it on YouTube. Proof that he is either 1) cool enough to do some small town stuff or 2) winding down the ol' career.