Sunday, April 29, 2007

With their 4th round pick, the 49ers select....

Please... Someone just tell me this isn't true.

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pyrosapien2819 said...

Don't sweat it. Jackson had become disgruntled over the last two years and has had two serious knee surgeries to boot. We saw how improved the defense became during our Superbowl run (after ditching some "star" players with attitude problems). I don't doubt that our offense will be better off without Jackson. Branch now has much more familiarity with the system and so does Burleson (an O'Dea grad). Engram kinda scares me with his health issues, but if he is truly recovered he will be clutch again. We drafted two receivers. And we have some others waiting in the wings from last year. D-Jack was a good 'Hawk. But he's no Largent, Blades, or even Turner.

Chemistry and attitude are more important that skill (look at T.O.)