Saturday, April 28, 2007

Playoff Hockey

I don't know about you, but I love playoff hockey. I never played hockey, and I don't pay any attention to it during the regular season, but as soon as the playoffs roll around, I'm hooked.

So yesterday I went to watch the third period of the Canucks vs. the Mighty Ducks (I know, they changed it, but I just love the flying V too much to let them change it that easily) and wound up getting to watch about 2 and a half periods because of the sudden death overtime. Still can't figure out how Vancouver got that puck in the net, but made it, and I was pretty pumped. Now its back to Vancouver... one of my favorite cities in the world (and its actually closer to my house than Seattle is).

So hopefully I can get my exegesis done by tomorrow so I can watch game three. I will be exegeting Galatians 2:15-21. I actually kind of picked this one at random, but it turns out it is probably one of the best pericopes available. There is a somewhat famous Greek controversy within it that I might tell you about later... but don't get your hopes up. The semester is winding down quickly and I won't be blogging that much. Three weeks to the day, I'll probably be in Northern California somewhere heading north.

One last thing... Dave Matthews doesn't like me at his concerts. A good friend and I went to the Gorge every year for about 5 years, until (you guessed it) I came to seminary. We always had a pretty rad time... you know, running around through the audience getting everyone to sing happy birthday to random people who weren't celebrating their birthday... not to mention listening to the music. But for some reason he always wants to do three nights during labor day weekend, after my semester has begun. This, combined with him leaving Crazy Easy and Sugar Will off of (his less than great cd) "Stand Up," has me ticked right off... and it also has me much less of a fan than I used to be.

Not sure what the point of that last paragraph was... but hopefully I'll make it to the Hollywood Bowl in the fall and the concert will be like it was before "Everyday" came out.

Ok, I'm rambling... time to exegete...

Crazy Easy:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Little Break

No need to worry. I'm still here. Growing in holiness (Or trying to anyway). But for those of you who emailed me, I appreciate it.

Things are still crazy busy around here. I got that paper done for Moral Theology, in which I critiqued the Fundamental Option Theory in Light of John Paul II's encyclical Veritatis Splendor. I'm not going to post it, but I'll give you the gist of it here:

Basically, during the "renewal" of Moral Theology that occurred as a result of the second Vatican Council a theory surfaced called the Fundamental Option Theory. This theory stated that as free persons we not only have the ability to make everyday choices (like what to eat for breakfast) but a deeper freedom to choose the type of person we want to become. For us Christians, that is to make a fundamental decision to follow Christ. That's a great first step for us to make, but where this idea became problematic was that people began to evaluate morality based on this fundamental direction, rather than the individual acts a person commits. In other words, if I make a decision to follow Christ and live it out well most of the time but sin once or twice, I don't have to worry because my fundamental option is intact, and I remain basically oriented towards God (hence, there is no need for repentance or reconciliation).

The Pope didn't like this because it is a denial of the Church's teaching on Mortal Sin, a belief that we can lose friendship with God for freely committing a grave act with full knowledge and consent of the will. Rather, in order to lose God's favor, I would have to express a fundamental option against God.

Thats a very brief overview of the situation. Imagine that spread out over 10 pages.

Onto some news from the homefront... here are the appointments from the home Diocese. Once again, my hometown is affected and my pastor will be moving on at the first of July. I'm sad to see him go, but I know deep down that the Holy Spirit is working through it all. Good luck Fr. Frank... you'll be missed.

In some news that only I care about but am going to tell you anyways, my old high school soccer team has returned to its proper place of being competitive! See... check out what the boys did against Burlington. Not only is the Sehome Soccer team doing well, but Coach Hatch has the Baseball team playing well too! Go Mariners!

Speaking of Mariners, I knew Seattle wouldn't stay competitive for more than two weeks... oh well.

Well, now that I've rambled enough... I'll leave you with this. The most awesome idea ever. I'm actually a bit jealous that I didn't come up with this. But then again, it probably cost a lot of money and time to visit all these places, which for me are limited resources. Good work Matt.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

A day late, but whatever... there are still like 50 days left in the season.

Being home has been wonderful. I've had a lot of work to do, so I've been studying in my old spot in the Wilson Library at WWU (3 west). I still have a lot of work left, so hopefully I can just bite my lip and do it.

One thing I planned on doing a lot of was watching the Mariners play with my Dad. But unfortuneately MLB decided to put them in Cleveland this week, the very same week God decided to put a heck of a lot of snow in Cleveland. So no dice. Speaking of Baseball, and dice, Dice K is the worst nickname for a player ever. Sorry Mr. Matsuzaka.

But I have been able to see a bunch of friends and just about all my extended family, which is Wonderful. I've even been able to hit up most of my favorite spots around town, including the Archer, and Skylarks (which has been remodeled and looks REALLY good).

Kind of a random post, but thats just the way it is around here after a long hiatus.

Now, as we approach the 2 year aniversary of John Paul II's death, here is a video my friend Zach made as a tribute to the late Pope. The music is Shawn McDonald