Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prayers Please

A couple prayer requests:

1) To Saint Anthony. In a post 9/11 age, I don't think they allow too many people on airplanes without identification... I think you get the picture.

2) Assuming 1 gets answered, please pray that I have a safe flight. As most of you know, I don't exactly enjoy flying, so if you could please help me out here, it'd be much appreciated.

Couldn't find a Motley Crue video that wasn't offensive, so I'll just write the words...

I'm on my waa-aa-aay... I'm on my waaa-aaa-aay... Home Sweet Hooooome.... Tonight Tonight... I'm on my waaa-aaay... I'm on my waa-aay... Home sweet Hooome.

See you back in Seattle...

UPDATE: St. Anthony asked Jesus to take care of number 1, and he delivered. So please move on to number 2.

1 comment:

pyrosapien2819 said...

St. Anthony is awesome. My wife has developed a deep devotion to him since her conversion from evangelicalism. I can't believe how much stuff we find now. As for the flying, I'll keep you in mind. I always just pray the Rosary when prepraring to take off and just before landing. It can become a great conversation starter :)