Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well, at least it was worth the money I paid...

Actually, no. No. That was definately not worth the zero dollars I paid. Pathetic. My first Gonzaga game is definately a game I want to forget. I'm not sure how it looked on TV, but in person it was probably the most frustrated I've been watching GU. Here is a picture of the LMU student section:
Not too impressive with the numbers (although I was sort of impressed with the noise). Aside from the students, there were some LMU supporters in my section, which was pretty sparse. I was pretty impressed with the number of Zag fans in attendance. What I was definately not impressed with was that I didn't hear one peep out of any of them the whole game, except for the guy in the Turiaf Lakers Jersey.

Still, seeing the boys in person was pretty exciting.

These were taken at halftime. We missed the first few minutes of the game, and when we finally got there it was 9-7 Gonzaga. Also at halftime, I met Bardo. I don't even remember what the guy's first name is, but he sure is cool. Here ya go.
Dang. I need a haircut.

So halftime was pretty cool. And the first half wasn't bad. But thats where this post is going to end. Just nothing great to report.

Oh... Micah Downs was fouled on that three attempt to tie it.

Now, imagine the lamest video ever is playing right here.


SoonerScotty said...

You do understand what this means don't you? This means that you can never attend a game again!

The Zags play was entirely your fault and thus, you must entirely shun attending the games in person if you have any hopes for a decent season!

Ah, the perils of sports superstitions!

Glad you had fun!

Seminarian said...

I'm the bad luck guy. I should have come sporting an LMU jersey, then this whole thing would have been different.

SA said...

Were you talking about the three Downs took from the corner, or the deep one from the top of the key?
Either way, I don't remember if I thought he was fouled or not, I was too disgusted.

Seminarian said...

The deep one from the top of the key. Those three free throws could have tied it.