Thursday, February 01, 2007

Viva La Revolucion!!!

Welcome anyone coming here through La Revolucion...

Its true. I am looking for tickets to Saturday's Pepperdine game, so if you have any, please let me know. I'll be willing to pay big bucks, as long as big bucks doesn't go too far beyond Face Value. But I'll also be willing to chip in a few waters for you and your buddies. (don't worry, that was a joke. Unless you actually want some waters. Then I was totally serious.)

Should you choose to accept this proposal you'd be making me quite happy... you see, I've never actually seen a Gonzaga game in person. I've been aboard the Zags wagon ever since the John Kinloch era (although it may be known to you as a different era. 94-95 ish). He was actually my camp counselor one year. We also went to the same High School (Sehome) although we were a bunch of years apart. Including Mr. Kinloch, who was known around camp as Hoosier, there have been several other guys from Sehome to suit up for the Zags. All of them have the last name Spink.

As I said, I've never seen a zag game in person, but I have seen a Zag play in person. Sean Mallon. It was my senior year at SHS and after losing by two to stud freshman Aaron Brooks (Yes. THE Aaron Brooks. From Oregon) and his Franklin team (which also featured Alvin Snow who went on to have some good years at EWU), we played Ferris. I remember a couple of things about this game. One, was that it was not nearly as fun as the previous two games. The other thing I remember was my favorite player, 6 foot 10 inch MuelenVander dunking over Sean Mallon. He was my favorite player because he wore goggles. And he dunked over Sean Mallon.

So there is a concise history of my Zag Fandom. Please, help a brother out. Just so you know you aren't giving a ticket to someone totally weird, here is a picture of me.See! Nothing weird at all!!!

I also leave videos here almost every time. I forget why, but I do. Here is one from the John Kinloch era:
Thanks for the visit. If you'd like to learn more about the 2000 WIAA State Basketball Tournament, visit this link.
HOLY SCHMOLIES!!!! I just noticed something on this link. La Revolucion's least favorite player ever lost in the Championship game... Corey Belser! Wow. Just look at all the people who played in this thing... Jenson from UW. Conroy and Roy, also from UW. Boxley from Portland (or maybe Portland State.???) Not to mention Ridnour from the 2A bracket. Seriously.. look around and see if I missed anyone.

And thanks again for considering giving me your Pepperdine tickets if you had some.

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