Sunday, February 04, 2007

St. Charles, North Hollywood

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and I must say it has been a little difficult getting pumped up for this one. This is mainly because of how excited I was last year for the game. It was definately the best and worse Super Bowl of my life. I'll be pulling for the Colts. I do like Manning and want him to win, but I also don't want to have to wonder what could have been if Robbie Gould had missed that field goal in the NFC Semifinal, keeping the Seahawks alive. So, GOOOOO COOOOOLTS!!!

The last couple of weeks I've traveled a bit further than normal to attend Mass at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in the North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area. I first saw this Church because it is nearby a friend's house. I always wanted to go inside, and finally last week I was in the area and went to Sunday Mass. Here is a picture of the outside:
The inside is nice too, but it was a little dark and I didn't get a very good picture. The reason I went back this week is that the liturgy is simply wonderful. Is it my "Dream Liturgy?" No. But there was nothing off-putting about this parish, and I bet that about 98% of Catholics would agree. The Choir at their 10am Mass was wonderful. They sing some of the songs that everyone can sing, like Holy God We Praise Thy Name, but they also added a couple of songs at the offertory and at communion that served no other purpose than to be beautiful and draw people deeper into the liturgy. So if you are ever in the LA area and are looking for a good parish, make sure you check them out.

While looking for parish website I found this website that tells you where certain movie stars hang out. Turns out St. Charles was Bob Hope's parish. It also turns out that a cast member from a favorite show of mine growing up was married there... that would of course be Growing Pains. But the website didn't mention one person who shows up at every Mass without fail...

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