Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spitzer Email

I know I'm not a "Gonzaga Basketball" blogger, and that I've been probably guilty of boring all of you with my disproportionate amount of GU posts, but with the semester I'm having, a ball game here and there is really just about all the Tomfoolery I can handle. So sorry, but if it wasn't for GU my posts would consist of nothing more than, "I studied and prayed today." So... whatever.

I met Gonzaga University President Robert Spitzer last summer when I was at the Cathedral. He was the celebrant at a wedding. Although I wasn't invited to the wedding, I still went to see Fr. Spitzer preach and to meet him in the Sacristy. Mission accomplished on both accounts. I thought the guy was real cool and his wedding homily was pretty extraordinary. He also seems to be pretty popular on campus with some of the students, at least the students I know who go/went to GU. Also some people who post on the GU Basketball message boards say good things about him. This email on the Josh Heytvelt situation from Fr. Spitzer to the GU community was pretty cool I thought:

Dear Members of the Gonzaga Community,

As you may have heard, two of our basketball players, Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis, were arrested last night on charges of possession of illegal substances. This news has reached every media outlet and is being extensively covered nationally.

I have met with Trustee Chair Mike Patterson, Coach Mark Few and Athletic Director Mike Roth. We are currently investigating the facts surrounding the situation, and I assure you we are taking these allegations very seriously.

The same norms and procedures of discipline will be applied to these students as to any other students at the university. Please keep these players, their teammates and the coaches in your prayers. They will need our support, both temporally and spiritually.

Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.
You got it Fr. I'm on it.

Something tells me this is going to turn out like it did at Notre Dame. We'll see.

Here is Jeremy Pargo being awesome.
That dunk was impressive to begin with, but the fact that the St. Mary's dude tried to block it and whiffed terribly made it impressive to like the infinitieth power. Thats a lot of power.


SA said...

I never got that email...who all did he send it to?

Seminarian said...

Not sure. I got it off GUNation. I assumed it was to all the students and alumni, but I guess I was wrong.

SA said...

Yeah, who knows.
I was at an alumni function here in DC last year and saw Fr. Spitzer. He's legally blind, you know, so the funny part came when he, I guess, thought I was a waiter, and handed me his empty drink glass.

Steve Vaillette said...

in my suffering it appears the root of my misguided understanding of fasting as a child my moods changed from calm to aggravation because no one told me to pray too when i fast when i was a child and now as an adult my misunderstanding of true fasting to grow closer to Christ i find that my mood changes with no apparent reason i would like to know if i am not one of the elect , that before i was ever thought of that there would no true hope for me even if i have a relationship with god a unfruitfull one