Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shoot x2

Well some bad news for me and some really bad news for everyone else (who likes the Zags). I'll give it in the order I heard it. Bad News for me: I agreed to drive to Ontario to pick up some people from the airport. When? 5 something. When does the GU game start? 5 something. So, I won't be watching it tonight. I'll just record it and watch it later.

Now the really bad news for everyone else (who likes the Zags). Josh Heytvelt will be out for a little while. For being stupid. Disapointing considering this is probably the biggest week of WCC basketball for the Zags in a long time, and its disapointing because... well, for a lot of reasons.

It must be said that these guys aren't guilty yet. The article says that they have denied any wrongdoing, and because they've never lied to me before, I probably shouldn't just assume they're lying now. We'll see what happens. La Rev is out on the town watching some other games, and I can only imagine what it will be like over there when he resumes his blog.

In the meantime, Mallon is going to have to Bring some serious hustle, and Kuso and Pendo have to play smart. We are really only 3 deep at the post now (that is, unless Burgess picks up some minutes). That is scary considering the frequency with which Kuso and Pendo pick up fouls. I'm still confident in the guys though. We'll keep the streak going.

But I really am going to wish this was here:

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SA said...

I'm done with sports...what channel's CSpan?