Friday, February 09, 2007

School Update

Although this semester has been terribly demanding it has also been very rewarding. Our classes are hard, but are extremely interesting. Some projects I have:

Moral Theology (My favorite class): I have a 10-15 page paper critiquing "The Fundamental Option" in light of the encyclical Veritatis Spleandor. I'll tell you more about it once I get to the writing part, but right now I'm working my way through Bernard Haering, who wrote a lot about this idea. I came across his review of the encyclical, and I'll just say that he didn't like it. But for me, any excuse to read an encyclical and apply it in this way is pretty cool.

Christian Anthropology: I get to read Gaudium et Spes and explain the document's take on human anthropology. I'm going to use paragraph 22 as the frame to view the rest of the document, mainly the parts on the individual christian, the family, and the society. I'm not too sure how well this will come out, but it is my priority because its due this wednesday.

History: An annotated Bibliography. Just five sources, if I remember correctly, on any topic I choose prior to the reformation. I'm going to do the rise of monasticism. The rule of St. Benedict is an example of a source I will use. I have to write 2 pages per source... not that hard, but it will be good to start early.

Pauline Lit: Exegesis. Nuff said.

Thats it for the major classes. If I start early, these won't be too tough.

This weekend I plan to watch the Gonzaga game. THe next two games are against Saint Mary's College and Santa Clara. To me, it seems like the biggest weekend of WCC play in a long time for the Zags. If they lose one of these games they could wind up being in second place heading into the final stretch. We MUST win. The Kennel had better be seriously noisy... like this:

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