Saturday, February 03, 2007

No Tickets

Nothing came through with the tickets, so I watched the Zags here on the big screen. Its funny how basketball games go sometimes. The game started and it wasn't too long before the Zags were destroying Pepperdine. So I started to feel a little sorry for the Waves. I mean, all those fans came out to watch their favorite team, and they were all going to be dissapointed. So I found myself hopeing that the difference would stay at about 20.

I've done this before, and everytime it happens, it backfires terribly. Remember when the Mariners were up by 12 going into the seventh and Cleveland came back and won on a triple by Omar Vizquel that scored Lofton from first? I do. Because I actually felt bad for Cleveland that day. Turns out, I'm just a big sports wuss.

Well, back to todays game, the tables started to turn. At one point Pepperdine was down by 2. I started figuratively beating myself up because I sort of willed this to happen. Good thing the Zags absolutely destroyed the team in the second half. Heytvelt had his most dominant game ever and by himself outrebounded Pepperdine. In the second half, Gonzaga outscored the Waves 46-25, although a lot of that 25 was scored against our reserves.

When it was all over, I didn't feel sorry for Pepperdine at all.

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