Monday, February 12, 2007

Last GU Post For a While...

I promise...

When I was in third grade I went to a Christian Bible Camp. It was nothing like the camp from that one movie, Jesus Camp, but it was run by a protestant ministry. It was there that I met Gonzaga player, John Kinloch (who went by the name "Hoosier." He was even my counselor one summer. I thought he was the coolest guy ever. That year my friends and I started getting a bit potty mouthed, as a lot of early middle schoolers do, and we had one word in particular we used. Well we were using the word pretty frequently at camp and Hoosier didn't like it, so he asked us to come up with a "substitute swear word." My friend nick came up with the winner: Shnangleberry. So in honor of Hoosier, my favorite counselor ever, I'd like to say this...

That game was a pile of Shnangleberries.

This was destined to happen. Dick Davey's last season as SC coach. That Perriseau kid's last game in Spokane, his home town. A fifty game winning streak on the line. Josh Heytvelt out. A Zag team that I love, that is a little down this year compared to recent Zag teams... again, this game was bound to happen.

And it did. It was sad. But it wasn't all bad. Thanks SC for handling it pretty classy. As well as GU. I was pretty proud of Raivio. He battled and battled and was the only guy we had who would hit Free Throws. Oh yeah... the difference in the game? 11. The difference in free throws? 11. We were cold from the line, making a miserable 22 of 36, and Raivio was 12 for 12. It was all around Shnangleberries.

To any Zag fans stumbling across this... Keep supporting the guys. All is not lost.

To any SCU people reading this... Read the GIRM.

Go Zags. Beat Memphis.

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SA said...

I like how your labels for this post read, "dumb, Sports, stupid, Zags."
Couldn't have said it better myself.