Saturday, February 17, 2007


If you missed the Gonzaga vs. Memphis game you missed out. One of the gutsiest games ever for a zag team ever, albeit in a losing effort. They were still missing Hetvelt, then Mallon got hurt, then Bouldin fouled out with a lot of time left and we had to rely on Pendo and Kuso to play like 10 minutes of regulation with 4 fouls each. This was not easy, but they came back from 11, took it to overtime, had the lead with like 7 seconds left before some clown pulled off a shot out of his... ignorance. A great effort, although it came up short.

Now I'm off to LA/OC till tomorrow. Later.


SA said...

Awesome video.

SA said...

Hey, I'm just testing my Blogger to see if it works.