Sunday, January 07, 2007

Seahawk Post

Hey folks, I'm back in Cali safely.

Well, where should I begin. How about by saying that that was definitely one of the best sporting events I've ever attended in person. WOW!

Now I know we were a bit lucky, and we got outplayed, but I don't care. That was as insane of a game as anyone will ever see. As some of you know, its been a difficult year of sports for me. Gonzaga's NCAA tournament loss, UW's NCAA tournament loss, last years ND vs. USC, this years ND vs. USC, it all stank in the end. The Seahawks were my lone bright spot last year and then that whole Super Bowl thing happened that bummed me the heck out.

So I'm gonna take this one and not have any regrets about it.

I went down to the game with my buddy Scott. Before the game, we were walking to the Stadium and heard someone on a microphone call out a familiar name. It was This guy, Mike Ennen. I went to high school with him, and now he is a pro-wake boarder. Here is a nice article about what he was up to in College. We heard his name over the loudspeaker because there was a demo set up outside the stadium where some of our local pros could do a couple tricks. We hung out in back so we could give him a wave when he walked by, and didn't really get a great pic of him in action but here he is getting ready... exciting, I know.

Onto the game...

Our seats were incredible. Couldn't have gotten anything better from ticket master. We were on the 30 yard line in the Southwest part of the Stadium. If you watched the game, I can tell you that it was close to the place where the Seahawks recovered that fumble in the end zone that was initially called a TD, but was challenged and turned into a Safety. Here is another (bad) picture:
Seahawk DT Craig Terrill sang the national anthem, and the crowd went nuts as some of our soldiers overseas were shown with signs supporting the Hawks... it was pretty cool. About 6 Chinook helicopters buzzed the stadium (I'm pretty pissed, because I got a sweet video of it and accidentally deleted it shortly after... oh well).

It has been widely reported that Seahawks Stadium is loud. Well its true. Awesome and loud. The game is honestly a blur. The loudest it got was when we thought we recovered that fumble for a TD. The botched play at the end may have been, except for the fact that it was completely chaotic and nobody really knew what was going on. Some people weren't even watching the play because they were either too nervous, or they were too busy trying to figure out what the seahawks needed to do to get into Josh Brown's field goal range. It seemed like more confusion than excitement. Whatever it was, it was wild.

I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but unfortunately my camera was inadvertently stolen. I got it back though, so no worries. No worries at all. The story behind that is that my camera slipped under the seat in front of me. The guys in front of me got booted out for sneaking in some Liquor. The girl next to them, seeing the camera and thinking they left it behind, chased after them to give it to them. Rather than saying, "This isn't ours" they just decided to keep it. Luckily for me, my dad is kind of a nerd and, foreseeing my own stupidity, put my name and phone number on it not once, but twice. The guy called me later that evening and I picked it up, and all is cool. Thanks Dad. I'll never make fun of you or your label maker again.

As I said, the night's a blur. Its one of those nights that stick in your mind, but you can't quite explain to anyone else. It was worth every cent I paid for a ticket, and I will probably remember this forever.

Here are the highlights:
And here is a clip of the botch:

Awesome... If anyone can tell me where I can download that humming sound going on in the background to harmonize with the crowd... let me know. That thing was awesome.


SA said...

The spirit of Cortez Kennedy was with you guys...
Nice win, and good're going to need if you get to the Super Bowl where the Broncos will be waiting.

Seminarian said...


But you're right. We will need something to make it back to the big game.

SA said...

I figure, the longer I deny it, the closer it comes to being true.

See you in Miami!