Friday, January 12, 2007

New Newman Center

This one is for the WWU crew. When I was back in the Ham for break I got to check out the Western Washington University Newman Center. It was the first time I have been in it as the Newman center. I even got a few pics:

Here is one of the Living room area...

Oh, the copy machine is broken? Oh we aren't allowed to buy a new one? Well Booyah!

Now this is cool... a library for students to study and/or check out some books to learn about the faith.

Here is the PM office. PM stands for Peer Minister. Looks a bit better (or at least cleaner) than the time I was there. But check out the picture right above it... yep... thats my PM team.

Here is the Chapel. Unfortuneately I couln't get a great shot of this... because the divider was up. Basically, its a big room, and for daily Mass they open up the divider so more people can sit there. When Mass isn't going on, its more of a small devotional chapel. Its was a little cramped in the sanctuary, and that window doesn't help the space become any more manageable, but it is a start. Also, those PMs should keep that vigil lamp lit.

So overall, this is pretty cool. The space is very good... and its our space. There are also two apartments in the back where a few students can live. My brother told me that students have been showing up between classes more often and that the space is being used almost every night. Can't wait to see the ministry flourish. (I'll be seeing 20 or so students in San Francisco next weekend! more on that later... maybe)

Because this song is playing in my ipod, I'll post it. It has nothing to do with this post or anything else though.

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Val said...

Ah I still haven't been in there, nice pics. That would have been sweet. Did they keep the paper people? Oh, good song too.