Friday, January 26, 2007

Foreign Films and Some Other Stuff

The two best foreign films I've ever seen I saw as part of my "20th Century Eastern Europe" class at Western. One was "Before the Rain," and the other was, "No Man's Land." Check them out.

After watching the Spanish film, "Volver," these are still the two best foreign films I've ever seen. But "Volver" wasn't bad. It was kind of a chick flick, but it kept me entertained... although be warned because it was really weird at first. I was a couple seconds away from walking out, but then I realized it was a comedy and that made it better.

I have more reading to do this weekend than any weekend ever in the history of my education. That isn't going to stop me from visiting my friend Andy, who moved down to my neck of the woods last weekend. He's about an hour plus away from me, but it is nice to have a good friend down here.

I really want to catch the Zags tomorrow against USF. I also need to catch the UW game tomorrow. I'll be terribly dissapointed if we don't get two teams from Washington State in the tourney. I want three though.

Here's a good Pacific Northwest film... well, music video. Enjoy.


Tom Herring said...

Hey, Ochs.

I linked to you...

Link to me! =)

Tom Herring said...


I can't check the youtube videos yet :( I'm at work and the server doesn't let me go to all websites (among the other bummer's are -- don't know why -- yahoo email, google email, and a few others).

It sux.

Oh well, I'll check out those videos when I get home.

Brett said...

I was at the Zag and FSU game in the Kennel, great game, crazy fans, lots of fun! Peace.

firewithin said...

Nice! This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I was at the end of my Jr. High years and starting High School...And yes I loved Temple of the Dog...Great memory!

Seminarian said...

I first heard Temple of the Dog after Pearl Jam and Soundgarden entered my life... so TOTD was definately the coolest thing I had ever come across... I used to think Eddie Vedder was the coolest guy to ever write music... Then vs. came out... then vitalogy... no Code.... they just got worse and worse. Still, Ten will always be my favorite album ever.