Friday, January 05, 2007

Almost out...

I'm trying desperately to enjoy my final couple of days home before I fly back to Cali. Its not so easy when the weather is awful, even by our pacific northwest standards. The other thing ruining my break is that my teams are all simultaneously choking. ND stank it up in the Sugar bowl. Gonzaga hasn't played all that well, but they've been playing some good teams. UW has lost three in a row. Meanwhile USC, my Yankees of College Football smoked Michigan. It was terrible.

The bright spot was watching Boise State win the Fiesta Bowl. Incredible.

But there is another potential bright spot. Seems a buddy of mine has scored some Seahawks tickets... and yes, I will be attending the game. Looks like I'll be a little hoarse when I return to seminary on Sunday evening. Looks like I'll also probably a little sick, since I am betting that I'll get something standing out in this wind rain for a few hours (it looks like our seats aren't covered).

Anyways, I really don't like my parent's computer for some reason, which is the main reason for my non-writing. I'll probably make a few posts when I get back to school, although I won't have that much time to do so. Sunday night at 7:30 we go on silent retreat for the week, which means no computers and thus, no blogging. But on the plus side, I get a week long silent retreat, which I'm very very excited about and ready for.

Go Hawks.

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Val said...

A week long silent retreat? That sounds cool. Hope that's fruitful for you. To bad we didn't get to catch up much more after the party, but whatever there's always gtalk.