Sunday, December 03, 2006

What Was That?

That Seahawks game was one of those wins that makes you feel dirty. We played terrible for 3+ quarters, then injured some people, picked on a poor rookie QB, and walked away with a W. Like I said, I feel a bit dirty right now.

The first 3 quarters were boring. My Diocesan buddy and I went early to go pick up our bishop at the airport and drove around Burbank looking for a place to watch the game. It took a little too long. The place we finally found was kind of wierd too. It was kind of a nice restaurant, but not really all that nice. I know that doesn't make any sense, but this place was just a little off. They also had really slow Christmas Music playing, which put us to sleep. Finally in the fourth quarter, the game got a little exciting and one of the guys at the restaurant put on some faster music. It turned out all right (for us) in the end.

I don't have anything to say other than that, but I do have some things that I thought were cool.

- That was hilarious when Denver's punter forgot his helmet, and he had to sprint back to the sideline and then back to the field to get it. That could get a guy cut right there.

- The worst play call ever was that fake Field Goal at the end of the first half by Denver. It did absolutely nothing, except almost injure the Kicker. They almost didn't even convert it. It was really just hilarious.

- I like Matt Hasselbeck even when he is off. I love the fact that he goes and tries to block for Alexander. Granted, sometimes he blocks the wrong guy, but whatever. Its cool.

- Did anyone else notice our Kicker drill that guy during that fumble? That was awesome! Had we lost I still would be proud of our guy for hitting someone like that. It was also good seeing our punter scroungin around with guys for a fumble. Our special teams are just about the only thing I'm proud of this game, and JB missed 2 field goals.

On the negative, I hated to see Al Wilson go down. It is never good to see that happen, and you could tell that both teams were shaken up a bit after this play. That just isn't a way you want to win a game.

So anyway, my Bishop is here for his meetings and tomorrow is a huge day here. I'm going to bed.

But before that, a quick prayer request. There is a wildfire burning about 5 miles from me. In the last fire a few firefighters died. So if you could pray for their souls, for their families, and for all the firefighters fighting this blaze, I'd really appreciate it.

And a second request... Please pray in thanksgiving for our new transitional deacons that were ordained this week. They are good men and they will no doubt serve our diocese well as priests.


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