Saturday, December 02, 2006


This was a solid day.

Gonzaga looked really really good against Texas. Don't let the fact that it was a 10 point game fool you. It was more like a 30 point game. Thats really all I can say about that.

I'm pretty pumped right now though because of the USC vs. UCLA game that just happened. I've ripped on the sports scene down here a lot in the past. I've said everyone is a fairweather fan down here, and that they tend to hop on the bandwagon a lot, which is true... but not really when it comes to UCLA fans (and Dodger fans, but they aren't in season). Most of them are quite dedicated, unlike the recent USC fans that have popped up over the last few years. Plus, UCLA is in one of the only places in LA that I actually enjoy being in, Westwood.

USC I just can't stand. I can't stand the fight song. I can't stand their coach. I want Matt Leinart to do terrible in the NFL. Yes, this is almost completely because I'm an ND fan.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I had my hopes invested in UCLA and I'm very happy now that they won. I might even buy a UCLA shirt or something after this one.

All this and I even got a bit of work done, and I hope to post a little bit about some of the stuff I've learned about my home diocese. We'll see.

Tomorrow my Vocation director/ auxiliary bishop is arriving for a couple of days. He is getting in during the Seahawks game, so I don't think I'll get to watch a lot of it. I think the Hawks have a good chance, although I really know nothing about them this year. I just haven't been able to watch them play enough to feel really confident. With our second team (Seneca Wallace and Maurice Morris) I wouldn't be too optimistic going up against Denver, but I think the first team has a shot. Plus, there are a lot of questions about Denver right now, and whether or not their rookie QB is ready. Should be a good game.

I've been waiting to post this for a while. I dedicate it to Scott at La Rev.


SA said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot.
I'm never coming back to this blog again!

Seminarian said...

The other good one is when Homer has that dream about him scoring a last second touchdown for the Broncos and it shows the final score as Denver 7, San Fran 56.

SA said...

Seriously...I'm never coming back.

Seminarian said...

I thought Denver fans loved those episodes. The only thing we've ever gotten like that was when the mariners got dissed by Michael J. Fox on "Family Ties."

SA said...

Here you go...I wish Homer's dream was to be John L. Williams.
Actually, I think Matt Groening is a Bronco fan--a very self-depricating one at that.
The Hank Scorpio episode came out my sophomore year in high school, which also happened to be the year the Broncos went 13-3 after a few mediocre years. The joke was on Homer...until Jacksonville ruined my young life.

Here's the clip you were talking about (it's a two parter).