Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scholastic Disaster

I had my exegesis almost ready to turn in so I decided to take a break. I saved it, turned off my computer, and left. I didn't feel like going to bed yet, so I turned on my computer to finish it up.

It isn't there. I have no idea where it is. It looks like I may be starting over.

So if you could throw up a prayer that I don't get too stressed with this, and if you've got time throw me some words of encouragement.

btw... I hope Mike Holmgren takes blame for that debacle thursday. Luckily I didn't have to watch it, but I got a rundown and it sounded like he wasn't exactly coaching that well.

Also Bill Bavasi, the General manager of the Mariners, isn't making this week any better. The guy traded two of our best prospects (if you can call players who got significant playing time with the M's last year prospects) AND 12 million dollars for a washed up second baseman to DH for us. Simply some TERRIBLE decision making. The M's blogs are going nuts. Lookout Landing has some funny stuff to say.

I need something that is going to make me feel good, so I'll repost this gem:

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Val said... Heather says "sad bear". I'm glad you finished it. I'll make special mention in my 15er tonight. See you in a few days!