Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Done and done! (almost)

The semester is actually over. And I'm tired. I just ripped my fundamental theology final apart. It was fun, especially since I was pretty nervous for this one. It wound up being my Spiritual Theology exam that I underachieved. But whatever... its all ver and I can relax (as soon as I'm done with my self assessment for Homiletics).

That bishop I mentioned was for Monterey, and it turned out to be Bishop Richard Joseph Garcia, auxilliary of Sacramento. We were all wrong here. Nobody won the pool. Although the pool only consisted of three people and no money was exchanged. We thought it would be Jaime Soto (which was why I linked to whispers), but also possibly one of the LA auxilliaries.

Their outgoing bishop, Bishop Ryan, was a good man and I wish him the best. I met him once or twice and enjoyed the man. He certainly deserves some rest, he's been at it for a while.

I've got one post I want to do for sure before I leave for home, which will definately put my Catholic Nerdiness on display once again.

Youtube tends to remove videos after I post them. Well they've done it twice anyway. I'll think about replacing them... so enjoy 40. (For the fourtieth psalm... when will somebody write a song this good to psalm 116? I'm still waiting.)
How Looooooooong to sing this sooooooooong.... How Loooooooooooong to sing this sooooooooooong...

Seriously... that was awesome. I hope you watched enough to see that beautiful shot of the Rosary Bono put on the mic stand.

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Val said...

Well good...I'm glad you did well on your finals Mr. grumpypants. See you on Friday!