Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well that was quick on the no blogging for a while announcement. My class just got some sad news. One of us will not be joining our class next semester. I can't say I'm surprised, but it's still pretty sad. I understand that the seminary is a place of discernment and that guys come and go, but it definately shakes stuff up when guys make these decisions. And it really throws our own discernment forward a bit... everyone begins re-questioning whether or not they have the call.

And I found out whats up with that whole Cherry Tree Carol I talked about two posts ago. Its kind of interesting. It comes from one of the Gnostic Gospels, Pseudo Matthew. In this Gospel, Joseph, an old man took five virgins into his house. Chapter 20 reads:

And it came to pass on the third day of their journey, while they were walking, that the blessed Mary was fatigued by the excessive heat of the sun in the desert; and seeing a palm tree, she said to Joseph: Let me rest a little under the shade of this tree. Joseph therefore made haste, and led her to the palm, and made her come down from her beast.

And as the blessed Mary was sitting there, she looked up to the foliage of the palm, and saw it full of fruit, and said to Joseph: I wish it were possible to get some of the fruit of this palm. And Joseph said to her: I wonder that thou sayest this, when thou seest how high the palm tree is; and that thou thinkest of eating of its fruit. I am thinking more of the want of water, because the skins are now empty, and we have none wherewith to refresh ourselves and our cattle. Then the child Jesus, with a joyful countenance, reposing in the bosom of His mother, said to the palm: O tree, bend thy branches, and refresh my mother with thy fruit. And immediately at these words the palm bent its top down to the very feet of the blessed Mary; and they gathered from it fruit, with which they were all refreshed. And after they had gathered all its fruit, it remained bent down, waiting the order to rise from Him who bad commanded it to stoop.
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Anyhoo, I'll really be leaving now.

I was going to show this video of Peter Paul and Mary singing the Cherry Tree whatever it is. But since they used a Pseudo Gospel I'll leave some Pseudo Folk musicians instead.

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