Thursday, December 14, 2006


The semester is almost over. I just have finals and a couple more classes which are pretty much review for finals. I'm going to work hard in between classes to get my last paper done, the exegesis on 1 Samuel 5, in order to (hopefully) watch at least half of the Seahawks' game. Then it will back to studying. Please pray for me and my classmates as finals begin next week.

My minute long reflection went well. I have a meeting with my prof today to watch the video... we record every single talk we give to see what we look like. Its pretty crazy. I have an unfortunate tendency to move from side to side a lot when I read. Something to work on I guess.

Since I will be even busier than usual and also will not have anything exciting to write about I probably won't update this for a few days. Again, please keep all seminarians in prayer over the next few days.

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