Monday, November 13, 2006

Wha' Happened?

First though, a quick shout out to American Papist, who gave me a little shout out on his blog, and has gotten me well over my usual amount of hits. Way over in fact. I had over 100 the other day (I usually get around 20). I don't remember asking specifically for a shout out, but I did e-mail him. More on that later...

Wha' Happened?

So I study my rear end off all day so I could watch the Zags play on ESPN's Big Monday, only there wasn't a Big Monday. Turns out I got the day completely wrong. Now I'm even more excited for the game tomorrow night versus Rice. I sure hope the Zag's perimeter defense has improved, or else it might not turn out the way I hope.

I did catch the end of the Husky game though, and I watched a bit last night before I began studying Greek for 2 hours. It looks like they will be excellent. They will depend on too many freshman to make it deep into March (prove me wrong guys), but they definately have the talent to compete up there in the next 2 years. We knew Spencer Hawes would have good defense and he would score a bunch, but he is actually an excellent passer. Brockman will get a ton of points off assists from this guy. Quincy Pondexter is the real deal. The game at GU will be one to remember (although hopefully I'll remember it as a GU win).

The Seahawks... Wow. I had to watch it on Gamecast again, but it was still crazy exciting. They got their 2 of 3 with Hasselbeck down, which I was hoping for, but I'm a little worried about this upcoming game against the Niners. They are a surprising 4 and 5. And we will no doubt be rusty if Hasselbeck and Alexander return.

School has been productive over the last week though. I got one of my major assignments down, and two more are well underway. Thanksgiving break should be nice and relaxing.

Oh, and all my mid-terms went really well. I still have room for improvement, but it did really take some of the edge off of this whole thing. That paper on Faith and Reason totally turned out the best. I decided to post a nearly finsihed draft on the internet. I will probably polish this up a bit in the future. You will notice some mistakes, because my grammar is kind of shotty, but all the ideas are there. It is right here on my google Docs page.

Now, enjoy Fred Willard:

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