Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Quick Things

... both of the Catholic World.

The guy that indirectly changed my life (The Catholics here will know who he is) and his wife just had a baby, and my friend Melanie is the Godmother! Congrats Guy That Indirectly Changed my life and Guy That Indirectly Changed My Life's Wife! And thanks for livin your message! I met him once when he came to my college to speak, and once when I called him up on Catholic Answers, and my head exploded with all the Good News he had to share.

Something else good, thanks to Marie for letting me know, is that my Archbishop has a radio show on Seattle's local Catholic Station, KBLE. Unfortunately I won't be able to tune in, because I have Greek, but you can listen to it live through the site, and even call in. I would totally call in if I was able, but I can promise my teacher wouldn't approve.

The video for today is Shawn McDonald. I don't really tend to like a whole lot of "Christian Rock." I just don't really think that exchanging musical talent for bad lyrics is an even trade. There is some really good stuff out there, though, and this guy has some of it. I haven't heard much of his newer CD, but his first CD was great. He's more of the Acoustic type rather than the Rock type. This song is called "I am nothing." Its good.


Val said...

Yay more babies!

Seminarian said...

no kidding huh. My cousin just told the family on thanksgiving. My friend from elementary school is on number two, as is Britney Spears. I have a feeling we will have more on the way as well.

Zach said...

Seminarian - awesome post. Guy who changed your life and your Life's wife is amazing. He changed my and my wife's as well. And to follow everything up with Shawn McDonald. It was you, Seminarian, who first turned me on to Shawn and I bought his second album w/ out hearing it b/c I like the first so much. Great stuff.

Jess said...

Also heard the news about GWICYL (what? I'm lazy). Very cool :) And hey there's lots of great Christian music out there, you know, "Shine Jesus Shine", "Lord of the Dance"...okay, okay I'll stop. Shawn McDonald, good stuff and he's from Seattle!