Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Stretch Begins

I'm definately heading towards the end of the semester. Things are a little quieter around here, although the "cold" weather might have something to do with that. I'm looking at four written finals and a couple more papers/projects:

-In Fundamental Theology I have A Final and I think probably another paper, although that is really gonna tick some of my classmates off.

-In Greek we are flashing forward to John 6... which is awesome.

-In Spiritual Theology I just have a Final.

-In Genesis Through Kings I have an exegesis (a short one) on 1 Samuel 5. Its a pretty interesting little chapter, where the Philistines take the Ark to the temple of their God Dagon. I also have to read a book and write a critique on it. Then I think I have to do a presentation on something... I think my exegesis.

-Homiletics is almost over... and I really enjoy this class for now. All I have to do is a thirty second commentary to contextualize my reading, then I have to proclaim the text. Both of these are from the Ambo. Then I have to give a short (one minute) reflection on the text without a microphone. Not hard at all.

-Liturgy is great. I have two finals, one for the music part and one for the liturgy part. I also have to do a little project with the ordo... which is kind of fun (more on this later). I also have to observe a parish again, then write the paper on the observation, and then do a little 10 minute presentation... not too hard, not terribly easy either. I just like Liturgy is all. Its probably my favorite class. Why? Its practical. Why? Because there is some... interesting stuff out there... Why? I don't know, but here is a clip.

... or rather, not a clip. I took it down. If you want to see it email me and I might send it to you.

But because I'm in the habit of posting videos, I'll post this:

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